C# WCF tutorial to integrate Google Calendar API V3

A couple of weeks ago I have been given the task of integrating Google calendar with C# WCF services. To fully understand the flow, I developed a simple sample that covers the full experience in C#, using the Google Calendar API V3. It contains documentation to perform different operations in your Google calendar.

The Google Calendar API allows a program to perform many of the operations available via Google Calendar web interface. Using this API, it is possible to search for and view public calendar events. Authenticated sessions can access private calendars, as well as create, edit, and delete both events and the calendars that contain them.

First, install the Google Calendar NuGet package to use google calendar API. All requests to the Google Calendar API require authorization. Go to the Google Developers Console and follow steps mentioned here to configure an authorized service object using OAuth 2.0 for native applications.

You can use any one of the code mentioned below for user authorization.


After successfull authorization you can procede with google calendar event CRUD operation.

To add new events use function mentioned below,

 To fetch Google calendar user events by date:

To update Google calendar event :

To delete Google calendar event :

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